SAP – Standard Assessment Procedure

photo of technical drawing with draughstmens pens etc on top. We provide SAP calculations for new build properties against building regulations part L1A and SAP calculations for renovations/extensions against building regulations part L1B. Our assessors are fully qualified and accredited to issue the Predicted Energy Assessments (PEAs) and the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for all new build domestic properties.


All new build domestic properties being marketed or sold are required by law to have a PEA or EPC. The PEA and EPC are legal documents and are required as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The SAP calculations that are used for demonstrating building control compliance are used to produce both the PEA and EPC.

SAP is the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for energy assessments of dwellings. The current version of SAP, SAP 2009, has been adopted by Government as part of the England and Wales national methodology for calculation of the energy performance of buildings. It is used to demonstrate compliance for dwellings with Part L of the Building Regulations (in England and Wales).

photo of a new house being builtAll SAP calculations are done on accredited software that demonstrates compliance with Building Regulations and includes –

  • Part L1A compliance checker (England and Wales)
  • Authorised quality assured outputs to demonstrate compliance to building control body
  • Predicted Energy Assessments for selling properties off plan
  • Energy Performance Certificates

We can also supply U Value calculations.