Domestic Air Pressure Testing

photo of a hand held air leak sound meterWe offer a specialist consultation and air tightness testing service of dwellings throughout the UK. Please refer to our Commercial Air Testing page for non-domestic air tightness assessments.

We use the latest test equipment which is full UKAS calibrated. All of our engineers are registered with ATTMA as fully accredited air tightness testers and are part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme ‘CSCS’ to ensure they are fully competent with health and safety to access and carry out testing on a construction site.

Before the test we require from you –

Image courtesy of Retrotec:
  •  Detailed plans to scale of the building being tested (This is so we can work out the envelope area of your building).
  • Your building ‘Design Air Permeability’ from your SAP calculations.
  • The building to be tested must be fully finished.

On Site we will require from you –

  • A power supply.
  • Dwelling must be unoccupied when being tested.

Each test we carry out may vary in length due to the different sizes of each individual dwelling. However, on average each test takes about 2 hours.

In the event of a test failure our engineer on site will help you to locate the problem or problems. Our trained staff will also be able to answer any relevant questions and give you further information.