Commercial Air Pressure Testing

We offer a specialist consultation and air tightness testing service for commercial properties throughout the UK. Please refer to our Domestic Air Testing page for air tightness assessments for dwellings.

We use the latest test equipment which is full UKAS calibrated.

Before the test we require from you –

  • Detailed plans to scale of the building being tested (this is so we can work out the envelope area of your building)
  • Your building ‘Design Air Permeability’ from your SBEM calculations
  • The building to be tested must be fully finished

On Site we will require from you –

  • A power supply
  • The building must be unoccupied when being tested

If a building has failed the test our engineer on site will help you to locate the problem or problems. Our trained staff will also be able to answer any relevant questions and give you further information.