September 2012

We have successfully installed 4 kWp Solar PV; the PV currently produces all electricity to the house during the day which runs our appliances. We are currently feeling the benefits  and if we continually use them correctly we can significantly reduce our electricity bills by only using high consumption appliances during daylight hours, therefore, minimising the amount of electricity taken from the grid.

 However, with the property being a grade two listed barn we encountered issues regarding the location of our solar panels as they were not allowed on the roof, however, we agreed with the council they could be placed in the field to the rear of the property.

In addition, the garage is nearly completed and should be finished next month. 

June 2012

We have finally moved into our new house despite some work still being required to the rear of the property. However, the mild UK summer has turned our attention to the garage and the remaining work to the main house resuming during autumn or winter. The garage will have significant space for both our vehicles and for general garage clutter.

In keeping with our aim of creating a zero carbon house we have ambitions to install PV in the field to the rear. The electricity generated from the PV will reduce the running cost of our house and potentially help the house become a net contributor of energy.


The ladder and hard hats have finally been replaced by an oak staircase. 

Carpets have been fitted to the first floor and oak latched doors fitted to all bedrooms to match some of the orginal barn doors.

We are all ready now to move in, so we are going to find out very soon whether all that insulation is going to do its job and keep us warm over Christmas as we have no central heating.

Photo of temporary ladder accessphoto of wooden open staircaseCarpets laid and looking good.Small windowPhoto of door in plain wood.


Early October

Lots of late nights and long weekends have enabled us to catch up on our dead line to be in before the clocks go back at the end of the month.

All the internal walls have been painted and the barn is now looking more and more like a home.

Reclaimed slate tiles to the ground floor and travertine tiles to the shower room adds that rustic feel.The Wood Burning stove has been installed just in time for the on set of the colder months

All lighting is LED which has proved to be quite a challenge to create the right effect, but has worked out well.

Now just waiting for the bespoke stairs to be delivered again!

Painting in progress

more paintingbathroom tilesfire in loungestone flooringlighting

Late September

After several delivery dates coming and going the windows finally arrive, putting the project back by several weeks.

Once fitted the plaster can begin plastering.

The turf has been laid and due to unexpected warm weather is growing well, the good weather has also meant the plaster work has dry out so we are now ready to paint.

new uPVC windows leant against a wallview of freshly plastered with sunlight shining through two windows windows being fitted

Plastering of wallswindows being fittedwindows being fitted

plastering dove houseAll windows fitted to rearrear garden turfed

Early September

Work continues inside at pace, everyone has to muck in so we can keep to our moving in date. Feature stone wall using up our store of stone has been built, the old oak beams have been cleaned and treated and are being used to keep the feeling of the barns original interior. All the insulation and stud wall are been covered with plasterboard so you get a really sense of the space and rooms within. Outside – the rear garden has been leveled and 60 tonnes of topsoil later, you can really see the difference. Now just waiting for those windows to arrive.

The House gets a Name – Welcome to The Stables

August has been quite a quiet month on site with holidays for builders but we have still managed to keep progressing. The house now has a name and the internal wood has been cleaned stained and oiled to revive the woods natural grain. Good weather has given us the opportunity to get the Klarjester fitted. Now the groundwork’s are completed the landscaping of the rear garden has started. The original brick and cobble pathways have been re-laid to define patio areas and pathways. First fix electrics and plumbing has been completed, plasterboarding can now begin.

Let there be light!

All the windows and slots have now been cut out and the barn is flooded with natural light. The ducting for the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system is in place and the log burning stove flue is fully installed.The studding for the internal walls has been completed and we have a stock of beautiful stone for future projects. With the major construction and energy efficiency measures taken care of we can now start thinking about internal decorations such as the dove house feature. Being able to focus on the barn’s character and beauty once again reminds us why we chose such a challenging but rewarding low carbon construction project.