About Ashby Energy

Photo of van with Ashby Energy Assessors logo on side.Ashby Energy Assessors was established in 2007 to help businesses satisfy their obligations relating to the then newly introduced legislation associated with reducing carbon emissions and energy usage.

The company was formed by our Senior Assessor Glenn Shewan, a trained engineer, who identified the need for an energy assessment organisation that could offer clients a complete package.

As such, we have a team of assessors who are all highly experienced, fully qualified and accredited by approved bodies. We are always happy to provide professional and unbiased advice and have an energy assessment consultancy service that includes free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars to groups of interested professionals. We consider ourselves a full service provider for both energy assessments and assessments such as BREEAM and CSH where energy is a key category.

The Ashby Energy team have a passion for sustainable construction and energy efficient buildings. We also put our expertise to work with our own sustainable construction projects which means we have a sound practical understanding of the best ways to achieve an energy efficient building.

As a service provider we aim to keep the process as simple and unintrusive as possible with a flexible approach to working with our clients and clear up-front quotations for all work.