What is a SAP and when is it needed?

SAP, ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’, is an assessment used to gauge how energy efficient a domestic dwelling is. The energy efficiency of a dwelling is based on the various energy costs associated with the dwelling including the space/water heating system used, the ventilation system installed and the types of lighting used etc. A SAP assessment is a lawful requirement and should therefore be obtained by anyone considering undergoing construction to a domestic property.

A SAP assessment is divided into 2 parts, L1A and L1B. SAP L1A applies to new builds prior to the commencement of construction, where as L1B applies to existing houses undergoing extensions. The SAP assessment provides a set of building standards to which the new dwelling/extension should be built to in order to ensure it complies with building regulations in terms of energy efficiency. A SAP assessment is therefore required for all new builds and extensions, and should be gained prior to the commencement of the build.