Below is a simplified breakdown of the Water section within the Code for Sustainable Homes process.

There are 2 sub-sections for water:

  1. Wat 1 – Indoor water use
  2. Wat 2 – External water use

Wat 1 – Indoor water use

To reduce the amount of internal water usage from a property by installing water efficient fittings and collecting water from alternative sources, for example, borehole. The Code for sustainable Homes process will require water efficiency calculations to meet certain targets specified to demonstrate the required water consumption target is achieved. Therefore, details of appliances and fittings need to be provided. This is a mandatory element, therefore, proof of purchases will be required. To ensure compliance flow restrictors and low capacity bath are recommended.

Wat 2 – External water use

To promote the use of rainwater for external water use. The property needs to be supplied with a water butt system or a rainwater collection system. A minimum capacity is required dependent on the number of bedrooms within the dwelling. Please contact your Code for Sustainable Homes assessor for specific requirements that relate to your property.