Top Tips! Ensure Compliance with Building Regulations Part F with Extract Testing

Mould and dampness are only a few side effects of the incorrectly specified extract system, however, to prevent this we now provide the testing of all purpose designed ventilation systems including trickle vents and cooker hoods to ensure compliance with building regulations part F. We are aware of pressures currently placed on both architects and builders to stay compliant with the numerous areas of building regulations and we are determined to make the process easy to understand and to provide specialist advice on how best achieve compliance for the current / future building regulation part F.   

Top tips to achieve compliance 

  1. At least one trickle vent per window or two for a double window etc.
  2. The shortest possible ductwork length
  3. Prevent blockage of the ductwork. 
  4. The installation of modest / high power extracts.
  5. At least a 10mm undercut for each internal door.
  6. Don’t necessarily believe the flow rate provided by the manufacture.
  7. If you are uncertain about anything ring us!

Book your extract and air tightness test together and we provide a discounted price.

For more information on extract testing or the requirements regarding Building Regulation Part F please do not hesitate to contact us of 01476 870 504, contact or visit the planning portal.