Thermal Mass Calculations and Condensation Risk Analysis

Thermal Mass Calculations

Thermal mass calculations can provide a significant benefit in ensuring Building Regulations Part L 2010 and 2013 compliance. Many SAP assessors will only be able to use default values for thermal mass, which could result in your property failing to achieve compliance. With our expertise, we are able to calculate the thermal mass of the property and provide the actual value, which, requires no alteration of the build and will provide a significant benefit towards achieving Building Regulations compliance.

Condensation Risk Analysis

Many SAP assessors will provide a specification to achieve a particular U-value and would not have considered the risk that particular specifications pose to  the build up of condensation.

As part of our U-value specification we can also provide you are detailed report of the risk condensation poses and give guidance if the specification needs to be altered to reduce the long-term impact.

For more information on thermal mass and condensation risk calculations and how they can help improve you design and build please do not hesitate to contact us of 01476 870 504 or contact