To reduce the amount of pollutants arising from a property’s construction and activates. There are 2 sections for pollution:

  1. Pol 1 – Global Warming Potential (GWP) of insulates
  2. Pol 2 – Nox Emissions

Pol 1 – Global Warming Potential (GWP) of insulates

During the manufacture and installation of some insulating materials and acoustic materials gases are released / produced that have a global warming potential (GWP). During the Code process the developer will need to ensure the property does not use any products that have a GWP figure greater than 5. All manufactures will be able to provide you with a GWP figure.

All of the elements below need to have a GWP <5

  • Roof: including loft access point
  • Walls: internal and external including lintels and acoustic insulation
  • Floors: ground and upper
  • Hot water cylinder: pipe insulation and other thermal stores
  • Cold water tank: where provided
  • External doors

A list can be provided to help guide the developer.

Pol 2 – NOx Emissions

When choosing a boiler the supplier can provide a copy of the technical notes booklet. Within this booklet under emissions you should find a section called NOx emissions and this is where you will find your boiler class number.

Alternatively you can ring/ email the supplier to provide the information most new boiler are likely to achieve a boiler class 5.

Summary of the credits

1 Credit for a class 4 boiler.
2 Credits for a class 5 boiler.
3 Credits is the Dry NOx level is below a threshold. (Class 6 boiler)

When applicable we can provide recommendations to clients.