New EPC Draft!

The new and improved Energy Performance Certificate was a strong talking point at this week’s CLG meeting. Speakers at the seminar reported that currently the majority of home buyers/prospective tenants either do not read their EPC in detail or fail to read it at all. Reasons as to why this may be included the extensive use of technical jargon, large amounts of block text and a lack of information targeting potential savings.

After seeing an example of the new version of the EPC our overall opinion is that it is in fact a lot clearer in terms of its layout and content and by far more user friendly.  There is also a much stronger emphasis on how to make you home more energy efficient, clearly indicating the savings that can be made over a 3 year period instead of just the one. Additionally the benefits of using the Green Deal in terms of financial savings are also emphasised. Click the link below to have  a look the example of the draft certificate and let us know your opinion!

Click here to View the Latest Draft of the New EPC