Green Deal Assessments no longer required for Domestic RHI applications

DECC has recently published a paper on amendments being made to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. One of the key changes is the removal of the requirement to have a Green Deal Assessment. The paper states:

‘Currently we require applicants to the domestic RHI to have a Green Deal Assessment (GDA). This is to provide them with information about the efficiency measures that are suitable for their homes. This initially applied to all applicants but Registered Social Landlords were made exempt from this requirement in February 2015.

It was announced in July 2015 that there would be no further funding to the Green Deal Financing Company. This, alongside consistent feedback that a GDA is an unnecessary burden to scheme participants, has resulted in us changing the Regulations by removing the need for a GDA as an eligibility requirement for the Domestic RHI. Applicants will still need to meet minimum insulation requirements of loft and cavity wall insulation and provide a valid EPC that is no more than 24 months old’.

These changes come into force on 24th March 2016.