Energy & CO₂ Emissions Help & Advice

Below is a simplified breakdown of the Energy & CO² Emissions section within the Code for Sustainable Homes process.

There are 9 sub-sections for Energy & CO² Emissions:

  1. Ene 1 – Dwelling Emission Rate
  2. Ene 2 – Fabric Energy Efficiency
  3. Ene 3 – Energy Display Devices
  4. Ene 4 – Drying Space
  5. Ene 5 – Energy Labelled White Goods
  6. Ene 6 – External Lighting
  7. Ene 7 – Low and Zero Carbon Technologies
  8. Ene 8 – Cycle Storage
  9. Ene 9 – Home Office

Ene 1 – Dwelling Emissions Rate

All new properties will go through the SAP & EPC process where the proposed building is measured against Building Regulations Part L. This section of the CSH is simple as the credits are awarded based on the percentage to property passes the SAP. For example, if the property passed the SAP by 16% you would be award 2 credits.

If you require a Code level 4, 5 or 6 a minimum percentage improvement is required.

Ene 2 – Fabric Energy Efficiency

Credits awarded for this sections is based on the amount of insulation used within each elements of the house. For example, high quality insulation in large amount is likely to increase the amount of credits, compared to using low quality insulation that achieves minimum standards. In addition, a low air test figure will help increase the points for this section

If you require CSH level 5 or 6 minimum standards are required.

Ene 3 –Energy Display Devices

Energy display devices allow occupants to see both electricity and fuel usage. Within the Code process the energy display device will need to meet specific requirement. Some display devices provided by energy suppliers will satisfy the Code requirements. Always check with your CSH assessor. 

Ene 4 – Drying Space

An external washing line or internal drying space needs to be provided. Both need to meet a minimum length and certain requirements. Also check with your CSH assessor

  • External requirements: Properties with 3+ bedrooms need a minimum of 6 metres drying line & 2 or below require 4 metres.
  • Internal requirements: If in a heated space must ensure Building Part F Compliance by testing the extractor fan.

(Please contact us for Extractor Fan Testing to satisfy Building Regulations Part F)

Ene 5 – Energy Labelled White Goods

The property must be provided with an ‘A+’ rated fridge, freezer / fridge-freezer combo, an ‘A’ rated washing machine and dishwasher. The developer then has a choice of either a ‘B’ rated tumble dryer / washer dryer OR a copy of the EU Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme Information leaflet.

If whites goods are not provided 1 credit can still be obtained if the developer provides a copy of the EU Energy Efficiency Labelling leaflet and commits to providing the white goods above upon request.

Ene 6 – External Lighting

The property must use energy efficient external lighting with appropriate controls. There are two types of external lighting ‘space or security’. Space lighting can only be capable of accepting lamps with an efficiency of 40 lumens or greater per circuit watt, with appropriate control system i.e. PIR or daylight sensor.

For security lighting, any burglar lighting can only have a maximum wattage of 150 W with movement detecting control devices and daylight cut-off sensors. Any other security lighting must have energy efficient fittings with daylight cut-off or time switch.

Ene 7 – Low and Zero Carbon Technology

To limit CO₂ and reduce the running costs arising from the dwelling by encouraging the use of low / zero carbon energy sources. Air / ground source heat pumps, solar panels will help achieve the credits within this section.

Ene 8 – Cycle Storage

To promote bicycles as a means of transport. The property will need to be provided with cycle storage facilities that will be conveniently located with a ground anchor, sliver standard padlock or mortice deadlock.  Depending on number of bedrooms will vary the amount of cycle storage required. Also check with your CSH assessor

Ene 9 – Home Office

To provide adequate services to work from home.  A wall length of 1.8m is required with a large window for daylight and ventilation. The room must also have 2 double power sockets, one / two telephone points with a broadband connection point.