Build Tight and Ventilate Right

Whilst preforming air pressure tests and extractor fan tests we get asked ‘Why do I need to achieve a low air leakage test result but ensure they the property is ventilated right’. Traditionally, many of the UK housing stock rely on ventilation through air leakages, which, is uncontrollable to the occupants. In addition, ventilation through air leakages will not ensure the correct ventilation of a property as it could have excessive ventilation or under ventilation rates; both can cause an increase in energy consumption and the build-up of pollutants.     

Therefore, each dwelling must be compliant with Building Regulations Part F to ensure the correct number of background ventilation is provided and to ensure extractor fan units achieve the minimum flow rate, without relying on air leakage.

Book your extractor fan test and domestic air tightness test together and we can provide a reduction in price.