Air testing & its importance for Building Regulations 2013

The continual tightening of Building Regulations Part L since the early 2000’s is designed to push the UK’s new housing stock to zero-carbon by 2016. In April 2013 the latest set of Building Regulations are set to come into affect with a further tightening on carbon emissions, could create, several problems for builders and architects to achieve a pass during SAP process.

To help clients through this process there are a range of tools that the SAP assessors have at their dispense, from Air Source Heat Pumps, Secondary Heating or Solar Panels. However, these may not always be suitable options and could be costly solutions. The easiest and most cost effective solution is to arrange an air test with an accredited company who can easily guide you towards a low air test figure of 5. (For information on why a score of 5 please click here) The cost of an air test with a skilled air tester is likely to cost approx £200 depending on location and size of the property, against the cost of installing solar panels or secondary heating which potentially cost £1000+.

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